About InFocus Deals

InFocus Deals is a landscape photography educational package of products that is offered for a limited time (twice a year) with steep discounts, ranging from 50% – 90% off the total combined cost.

With a limited number of contributors that are hand picked to participate in the InFocus Deals, we not only make sure that we are offering the best educational content possible to customers, but the longevity of this deal far outlasts others competing in a similar space. In addition, InFocus Deals does not require contributor exclusivity, allowing you to leverage your brand and content in additional ways.

By combining the collective reach (mailing lists, website traffic, social media and sponsorships) of not only all contributing authors, but approved affiliates of the program as well as InFocus Newsletter and the owners of InFocus Deals, the potential reach of each for each limited deal is incredible.

InFocus Deals is part of InFocus Newsletter and organized by Jay Patel, Varina Patel and Colby Brown.